Adene - Agência para a Energia


ADENE – Portuguese Energy Agency comes up in September 2000 by transformation of the Center for Energy Conservation, created in 1984. In December 2001, following the Council of Ministers Resolution No. 154/2001 of 19th October, the mission, scope and functions of the Energy Agency have been adjusted and its name changed to ADENE.




ADENE is an non-profit public institution, subsidiar y majority (69.66%) by institutions of the Ministry of Economy and Employment: Directorate General for Energy and Geology (DGEG), Directorate General for Economic Activities (DGAE ) and National Energy Geology Laboratory (LNEG). The concessionaires of public supply of electricity and gas (EDP and Galp Energia) hold 22% of the capital, 5.74% is still shared by LNEC, ISQ, FEUP, AMP, and CCDRN CBE.

To fulfill the mission, ADENE reorganized in March 2010 its executive structure with the appropriate flexibility to act in priority thematic areas, translated into the following operational directions:

 - Direction of Energy Audit in Industry (DI)

 - Direction of Energy Audit in Buildings (DE)

 - Direction of Sustainable Development (DS)

 - Direction of Marketing (DM)

 - Technical Direction (DT)

ADENE performs primarily activities of public interest in energy policy and public services under concession or licensed in the energy sector and can work in relevant areas to other sectorial policies, when linked to energy policy in conjunction with other public bodies.

ADENE develops its activity with the various economic sectors and consumers in order to rationalize their energy behavior, the application of new methods of energy management and use of new technologies. To do this, ADENE have the support from public or private agents and specialized market. In the development of activities of public interest, ADENE is partly financed through program contracts made with bodies of the Ministry of Economy and Employment, or other ministries, agencies and utilities.

Current activities include:

 - International projects in partnership with other agencies and international organizations;

 - Participation in the European Network of Energy Agencies (EnR);

 - Management of the Portuguese National System for Buildings Energy Certification and Indoor Air Quality (SCE) and System of Intensive Consumption of Energy (SGCIE);

 - PRIORITY areas, as the National Plan of Action for Energy Efficiency (PNAEE), and interventions on the domains of Procure management and renewable energies with big players on the market.