Recently founded, ADLA is the result of years of expertise in the aluminium profile industry field by the company founders.

The ADLA Headquarters are located in the Lameira Industrial Park, Celorico de Basto.

The aluminium profile production, thermal break assemblies, on demand specific profile solutions for industrial and architectural solutions are the core market of ADLA. Equipped with a state of the art 2500 ton extrusion press is able to produce up to 800 ton of aluminium profiles every month. With an overall maximum dimension of 320 mm by 20 mm and a maximum weight of 25 kg per meter the press is able to produce profiles with unique characteristics in the market.

The thermal break assembly line has an installed capacity of 364 km per month. Taking quality control to a new level ADLA is embedding innovating procedures into the manufacturing process, in this field the in-house developed, true objective, automatic three-dimensional profile analysis system stands out.In their wide range of application, ADLA’s aluminium profiles distinguish themselves by the high durability, high corrosion resistance, light weightiness, maintenance free with a high service life. Being 100% recyclable, aluminium products, therefor our profiles, contributes to a more sustainable and greener environment.

Our product range includes:

 - Solar energy devices, major reusable power source;

 - Electrical vehicles, the aluminium profile light weightiness contributes for the reduction of the overall vehicle weight, this enables a lower power consumption and lower mechanical wear and tear;

 - Architectural applications, mainly for doors, windows and shades.

Currently ‘green’ buildings are supported by aluminium profile technology that enables lower energy consumption by delivering thermal and acoustic break solutions. Aluminium profiles, and overall aluminium products usage, are a major contributor for a more sustainable and greener environment ensuring a better future for generations to come.