Adxtur - Agência para o Desenvolvimento das Aldeias do Xisto

The Schist Villages Network involves 27 villages and is a sustainable development project of a regional scope, promoted by ADXTUR – Agência para o Desenvolvimento Turístico das Aldeias do Xisto, in a partnership with 21 counties of the Centre Region and over 100 operators with businesses on this territory.

ADXTUR is in this fashion the joining of forces, both public and private, for the promotion of a territory, the criation of wealth through touristic services and the preservation of the culture, the heritage of the rural Inland Portugal. Through a coordinated development of this land, against human desertification, against oblivion.

ADXTUR is one of the partners of the international project “Application of eco-rehabilitation in the traditional architecture of the European Southwest”, supported by the SUDOE – INTERREG IV B Program. The project, best known as ECO-ARQ, gathers Portuguese, Spanish and French partners and its mains objective is to promote sustainable rehabilitation of built heritage in touristic trails. In this context, ECO-AQR contributes to the safeguard of built heritage and local traditional know-how, enriching eco-rehabilitation best practices.

ECO-ARQ fits in the sustainable urban development axis and contributes to the valorisation of cultural heritage. The southwestern European territories have a traditional built heritage with high cultural and touristic interest. In fact, tourism is one of the main ways to discover this type of heritage by reinforcing its identity and notoriety as an important factor for the economy.

On the other hand built heritage and its preservation is becoming increasingly important to modern societies, even more concerned with the environment and the preservations of natural and energetic resources.