AICCOPN - Ass. dos Industriais da Construção Civil e Obras Públicas

The AICCOPN is a Portuguese construction industry association, representing about 8.000 member firms across Portugal. Since 1892, AICCOPN has established as main commitment, to support the development of the construction industry and the interests of its members, without bowing in the face of setbacks resulting from the political circumstances that has historically faced.

In fact, in a sector of activity mainly composed of micro, small and medium enterprises, only the concerted efforts, based on adequate representation structures, can muster the strength to assert its interests effectively.

In addition to its headquarters in Oporto, AICCOPN has eight regional offices. AICCOPN offers to their associated companies a range of specialist services in the areas: legal and labor, economic, engineering, safety and occupational health and support in the area of internationalization of companies.