APCMC - Ass. Portuguesa dos Comerciantes de Materiais de Construção

APCMC was founded in 1954 and its mission is to defend and represent the interests and legitimate aspirations of the trade in materials and construction products and decoration.

It is, therefore, the privileged interlocutor with the public and private organizations and agents that, directly or indirectly, maintain relations with the sector in the most diverse areas (economic, social, political and institutional).

APCMC offers, through specialized technicians, services in different areas - economic, tax, legal, professional training, computer science, etc.

APCMC has a strong presence in the dissemination of topics of relevance to the sector, publishing regular publications, highlighting:

- Boletim Materiais de Construção (Monthly)

 - Obras, Materiais e Equipamentos para a Construção (Monthly)

 - Revista Materiais de Construção (Bimonthly)

 - Ambientes (Quarterly)