APEB - Ass. Portuguesa de Empresas de Betão Pronto

APEB – Portuguese Association of Ready Mixed Concrete – is a non-profit purpose association raised on the 23rd June 1985, with the statutory purpose of “representing and defending the ready mixed concrete industry interests, in order to expand the sector, to cooperate with Public Administration and its professional representation”.

To fulfill these objectives, APEB develops, mainly, the following activities:

- Working agreements with labour unions, representing its members;

 - Preparation and disclosure of updated information on the standard and legal aspects ruling the concrete industry, as well as statistic information on the sector;

 - Implementation and coordination of protection and improvement initiatives, not only of the concrete quality, but also on its adequate environmental integration and the promotion of being a sustainable material for construction;

 - Accredited trial laboratories on concrete, aggregate, (sands, gravel and coarse), cements, additions and admixtures (3 units operating in Lisbon, Oporto and Vila Real);

 - Accredited metrology laboratory on the fields of Force, Mass, Dimensional and Temperature;

 - Active participation in normalization works and commissions, mainly on what concerns the work developed in CT 104 – Concrete, CT 105 Cements, CT 121 Pre-manufactured products, CT 154 – Aggregates, CT 129 Paving materials, CT 171 – Building sustainability;

 - Professional Training, including promotion and courses, seminars and conferences directed to people connected with the production and use of concrete in civil construction.

APEB is a dynamic and professional organization,, essential to a sector, which is fundamental to Civil Construction. Its structure is supported on a competent and expert technical board, specially focused to Promotion, Certification and Quality Control of Concrete, with a capable structure, responsible for the professional and technic representation of the Ready Mixed Concrete in Portugal and abroad. It is an active and essential agent of the Portuguese Quality System, with an effective and growing role on its main scenes:

 - Normalization

 - Certification and support to CE mark

 - Professional training

 - Laboratory Tests

 - Metrology

 - Quality Control

 - Consultancy

On what sustainability is concerned, APEB participates and is a member of the ERMCO (European Ready Mixed Concrete Organization) working groups.