APICER – Associação Portuguesa das Indústrias de Cerâmica e de Cristalaria

Founded in the 20th December of 1996, APICER mission is to represent members of the Portuguese ceramic industry and defend their business interests in order to promote and increased competitiveness of the sector, ensuring sustainable development and strengthening of intercompany and intersector cooperation.


The representativeness of APICER sector is significant, not only measuring the number of associated companies, but especially by their relative importance: 78% of sector turnover and 64% of employment in the ceramic industry is ensured by Portuguese affiliates in this Association. The ceramic industry is a sector which strongly exports. In 2011, the exports of ceramic products amounted to 557.4 million Euros and reached 151 international markets. In the same year the sector contributed to our trade balance with a surplus of 441 million euros.