Argex – Argila Expandida, S.A., part of the Preceram Group, has been producing expanded clay since 2002. The Company is located in the centre of Portugal, near Aveiro.

It is served by an efficient road network that provides easy access, to and from its installations. It is also situated near the port of Aveiro, which enables the shipping of large amounts of expanded clay to the rest of the world by sea.

Argex expanded clay is a light spherical aggregate, consisting of an inner structure made of ceramic foam with micropores and a rigid and strong surface, which makes it an excellent solution for the building industry. To ensure increasing quality standards of its products, Argex abides by a strong policy of quality and continuous enhancement of the production processes, based on the research of the most suitable type of clay, as well as on the use of the most advanced technology

.Argex expanded clay is a natural product, it is environmentally friendly, durable, non-combustible and inert, it does not decompose or rot, it is lightweight and it can store a certain amount of moisture, which is released slowly. Its use reduces the load on the structures and contributes to significant savings in materials.

Due to its internal porosity, the aggregate has important properties of thermal and acoustic insulation. Argex holds the ISO 14001 environmental certification and it was the first Company in this sector to receive EMAS registration certificate, therefore it saw its commitment to sustainable environmental responsibilities recognized, far beyond compliance with applicable legislation. It has large clay reserves of the best quality, whose exploration is done with the greatest rigour and environmental sustainability.

Since this is a natural insulation for sustainable, environmentally friendly and safe construction. Argex expanded clay is used in the most varied applications, being the appropriate solution for insulating and levelling floors, flat roofs and green roofs.

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