Biohabitat, Lda.

Biohabitat born on 2004. It is dedicated to work with environmentally friendly and biological construction materials. We work mainly in Portugal and Angola. We sell thermal and acoustic insulation, cellulose and hemp based. We also commercialize organic paints and varnishes.

For the Angolan market we export mainly solutions for power and water supply in remote areas.Our isolation Isofloc, cellulose-based insulation, similar in appearance to cotton, can be applied by spraying, injecting or blowing.

It has an excellent thermal and acoustic properties, which is used as thermal insulation in buildings, and as acoustic insulation in restaurants, cinemas, casinos, recording studios, machine rooms, and other places where it is necessary to have a noise mitigation. The Isofloc is made with newsprint (81%) that remains in print shops, which is recycled.

The cellulose fiber that Newsprint is made of is a renewable raw material. The remaining 9% of the composition is Isofloc borate, boric acid salt is a natural mineral. The energy balance of manufacture of this material is 36 times less than other insulating materials.