Biohome, Lda.

Environmental concerns are gaining more ground and are of vital importance, even among companies in traditional sectors such as construction. Investing in developing a concept associated with environmentally sustainable building solutions, a company was created “Biohome, Lda”.

Headquartered in Guimaraes, Biohome, is a business project that combines modern architectural standards and respect for basic principles of environmentally sustainable housing. In fact, each project launched by BioHome takes into account key issues such as climate, choice of materials, the use of energy, without jeopardizing the well‑being and quality of life.


The goal of this project is the development of an autonomous modular building ecologically sustainable (zero carbon) in composite materials. Currently the Biohome, develops projects of ecologically sustainable buildings, traditional construction, using varied techniques and products particularly in the area of ventilation, insulation, electricity, home automation, harnessing and rationing of water, among others. In the current project aims to develop a stand-alone modular building ecologically sustainable in composite materials, that can be exported and used in different climates in the world and in different situations. After some research it appears that buildings with these existing features (wood/steel), tend to suffer some aesthetic and structural wear up when placed in certain situations, as for example in environments with high humidity, chemical, etc..

In addition to these limitations on the construction of these buildings, continues to be very expensive or even impossible, when unable to reach the construction site heavy machinery such as cranes. The current solution is to draw up the entire building in materials not subject to any conditions mentioned, as for example the Cork.