Câmara Municipal de Águeda

The Council of Águeda – Local Government Entity, whose main mission is to promote the welfare of their populations in several areas: promoting the local economy, ensuring the management of all public facilities of its assignment, ensure the construction and maintenance of infrastructure public service, promoting culture and education, creating and maintaining green spaces for collective use, manage public funds resulting from the transfer of the state, own revenue, create the working conditions necessary for the generation of networks of national and international participation, sharing experiences and knowledge, promote new forms of behavior in the area of sustainability Cleaning Pateira of Fermentelos (largest natural lagoon of the Iberian Peninsula) of weeds;

BeAgueda – collective electric bikes use; purchase electric car to support the maintenance of parks and gardens; Local Agenda 21 Plan of Sustainability and Commitment Letter measures to sustainability; Installation of a public lighting LED’s centrally managed using the network WIMAX satellite communications; Installation and equipment for micro generation of energy in public buildings (photovoltaic and solar energy); Action to raise awareness and promotion directed students of the 1st cycle towards energy saving and behavior more environmentally friendly, with the award of green flags to 15 schools in the city by the ECO XXI; equipment installation management consumption in school buildings with the aim of promote savings in the perspective of consumer gains that accrue in equipment for schools, construction of an irrigation network and fight fire from a collection in River Águeda, avoiding the consumption of mains water, with centralized management over the network WIMAX; Covenant of Mayors – Commitment 20:20:20; 3rd place to national ECCOXXI award Águeda A++ in sustainability.

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