Câmara Municipal de Estarreja

The City Council (Municipality of Estarreja) has seen the value of their projects recognized and because of that is making the most of European funds in the following investments:

 - Urban Regeneration of the City: Accessibility – “Rampa Project”, Design and Urban Qualification – “EcoEstarreja”. 

Constituting true pillars of Sustainable Development:

 - Structuring roads to attract new businesses;

 - Bigger Eco-Business Park to create more jobs and maintain younger population;

 - New or expanded schools to elevate educational standards;

 - Renovated Civic Centers for more Urban Quality;

 - Requalified Public Buildings for Creativity and Culture;

 - A growing “BIORIA” to strengthen the Environment and local Tourism.

 - (…)

For the last 4 years the Municipality of Estarreja has been associated to the “Plataforma para a Construção Sustentável” (Platform for Sustainable Construction), the main boosting organism for the Habitat Cluster, taking a big commitment to further work on several levels, allowing their training on issues of sustainable construction, viewing proper management of growing concerns at the level of environmental sustainability and energy construction.