Câmara Municipal de Ílhavo

Through the investment in the sustainability, the Municipality of Ílhavo, has been developing a wide range of projects concerning the management of the public area (through the creation of city parks); the management of solid urban residues (the construction and management of the Municipal Eco-centre); the quality and types of materials used in public equipments and, more recently, the investment in the renewable energy sources for the new school centres.

Over the past two years, and as an ANMP’s representative for the Habitat Cluster, it has been possible to verify how important is the cooperation between public and private institutions with the purpose of the sustainable construction field. It has also been confirmed the interest and importance of Municipality of Ílhavo to be linked to this platform.

The town hall executive approved the membership of Municipality of Ílhavo to be connected to the platform about sustainable construction, which is the main responsible entity fostered by the Habitat Cluster. A strong commitment to deepen this work at various levels has been assured, allowing its capability to deal with sustainable construction issues and reinforcing a good management of growing concerns related to environment sustainably and energy construction bases.