CARPINCASAIS Sociedade Técnica de Carpintarias, SA – the specialized company of the CASAIS Group designed to the supply of carpentry solutions

Building the future with art and craft Carpincasais was founded in December of 1999 following the same strategy of the Empreiteiros Casais Group, has become autonomous their production departments.

The image of doing properly and with high quality, reached by the company Casais Group in both national and international markets, guarantees the search of their products and industrial services. Thus, was decided to become the carpentry’s department autonomous, as a legally independent company, what has allowed its openness in the market.

It was due this new market openness and consequent new demands that Carpincasais Technical Company of Carpentry was founded. Carpincasais has recruited all the staff, including the Human Resources, and the production equipments from the carpentry’s department, which was previously associated with Casais Engenharia e Construção S.A. By doing so, it wasn’t necessary to hire any outer companies, being still capable to answer efficiently to the market demands.

The evolution witnessed in the company’s activity during the last years is mirrored in the business’s volume reached, what has led the company to invest in 2004 in a new system of quality’s control based on the NP EN ISO 9001 model, in order to keep the quality patterns established in the Organization.

With the evolution witnessed in the business field, in 2006 Carpincasais has invested on a new department of varnishing and lacquering and started a new management and control’s software, available “online”.

Towards continuous improvement Carpincasais has invested in increasing its production capacity with the acquisition of new machinery and equipment.

That same year began the process of internationalization with the first work in Gibraltar. The following year, 2008, is consolidated with the internationalization in Angola and also the Morocco market – Four Seasons Hotels and Belgian. It was created the Department of Design and Development.

Presence in international reference fairs of the sector: BATIMAT (France), HANNOVER (Germany).