Casais Engenharia

CASAIS Engenharia e Construção, SA – the core company of the CASAIS Group

Building the future with art and craft The CASAIS group Over 50 years of activity (foundation year: 1958) result in the reaffirmation of the founding principles that demonstrate the mastery and dictate the success of the Casais projects over time and in various areas of activity – special projects, public, industrial, sports and housing buildings, hotels, among others – through a rational management, focusing on the client and a culture of excellence and sustainability.

A structured process of internationalization is the key to the business development of Casais. Today, the brand Casais is a benchmark of knowledge and strength in the engineering and construction sector in Portugal and abroad. It has also proven its value in Real Estate, in Tourism, Retail, in Energy and Environment and in various investments and interests in concessions and Public-Private Partnerships.

The Future lies essentially, on the one hand, on the continued growth in the domestic and international markets, consolidating its presence in the current countries and studying entering other countries, but also on the bet in the younger business areas of the Group: Environment, Energy and Services on the other hand.

CASAIS corporate engineering

The Casais Corporate Engineering (CEE), an ethical and cultural reference, serves as a guide for the actions of all members of the Casais Group. Founded on the Casais outlined Vision and Mission, it constitutes the corporate knowledge – made up of Values, Attitudes and Behaviours; Standards for Excellence – born from the Heritage and Traditions of the teachings of the past and enhanced by the daily practice of serving the Clients and producing economic and social wealth.

Sustainability & innovation

Casais Group is focused on the implementation of projects aimed at sustainable development, investing in renewable energy, in energy efficiency and sustainable construction positioning itself at the forefront of innovation and creation of value in business, pursuing excellence in solutions and client service.

Main competences 

 - Renewable energy power: prospection, feasibility studies, project, exploitation, promotion (small hydro power, up to 10 MW, solar FV, waves, waste-to-energy)

 - Energy efficiency: efficiency solutions (buildings, intelligent management of the public and outdoor lighting systems (IP), energy services and energy efficiency services (ESCO)

 - Sustainable Construction: we offer to the Clients a set of valuable, qualified and diversified solutions of “Carbon zero”/“Nearly Zero Energy buildings (NZEB)” orientated to a new style of life based on the comfort, the eco-efficiency and the quality life (under the brand GO GREEN BUILDINGS ®).