CATIM - Centro de Apoio Tecnológico à Indústria

From industry to industry
In 1980, AIMMAP (Association of Metallurgical and Metalworking Industrials and Related of Portugal) established a protocol with the DGQ - Quality General Administration (GQA), IAPMEI - Supporting Institute for Small and Medium Enterprises and Investment, and the LNETI - National Laboratory of Engineering and Industrial Technology, creating CATIM, Technological Supporting Center for the Metalworking Industry.
In 1983, it was published the Decree-Law No. 461/83 that regulated the technical and technological supporting centers and organizational and functional structures to the national industry.
In 1983 and under the protocol initially referred to and supported by the gas appliance manufacturers, the Heating Appliances Laboratory was created and it dedicated to conducting experiments with this type of equipment . These companies were faced with the requirement for certification of their products, for internal or external markets, being the disclosure of the accordance with the rules applicable in each of the target markets necessary (NP, NF, DIN, BS, among others).
In 1986, CATIM was officially established by Decree-Law No. 249/86 of August 25, having had as founding partners AIMMAP, IAPMEI and INETI.
Thereafter, CATIM has been creating new laboratories and functional units, developing new skills and services, making it what it is today, with facilities in Porto (headquarters), Lisbon and Braga, 90 employees, 700 members and 3000 active clients.