CEIFA Coop was founded in 2000 with a multidisciplinary team that provides consulting, research, training and project management in the following areas: Sustainable Construction, Systems and Process Efficiency, Environmental Audits and Certification, Environmental Management Systems, Health and Safety at work, Integrated Resources and Waste Management.




In the area of Construction we offer our services on:

 - Environmental Monitoring;

 - Technical Environmental Notes;

 - Waste Management;

 - Health and Safety Plans;

 - Waste Prevention and Management Plans and Site Waste Management Plans;

 - Environmental Product Declaration;

 - Cost Benefit Analysis, Selective Demolition Plans;

 - Environmental Licensing;

 - Environmental Management Systems and Sustainable Irrigation.

We are representative in Portugal of software and technologies that promote resource efficiency: software Umberto, e!Sankey and Umberto for Carbon Footprint; HYDRIP® – Sustainable Irrigation.