CERTIF - Associação para a Certificação

CERTIF started its activity in May 1999 as certification body of products and services, and later extended its activity to the certification of quality , environment, hygiene and health and food safety management systems.

It is accredited in accordance with EN 45011 (products and services) and EN ISO/IEC 17021 (quality and environment management systems). It is signatory to the European and international agreements in the electricity sector and member of European associations, EEPCA and EUROCER – building and of international IECEE.

It is qualified for granting solarkeymark to solar thermal equipments it is Notified Body for the Directives of “Construction Products”, “Low Voltage” and “Personal Protective Equipment.”

At the national level is a member of associations like CentroHabitat and APQ CERTIF is involved in the activities of CentroHabitat, including the development of rules and procedures for the registration system of Environmental Product Declarations (EPD).

It is the only national body qualified to grant solarkeymark and is accredited as a certification body according to EN ISO/ IEC 17021 certification for environmental management systems.