CITEVE - Centro Tecnológico Industrias Têxtil Vestuário Portugal

Created in 1989, CITEVE is an institution of national and international reference as far as promotion of Innovation and Technological Development is concerned.

Its mission is to support companies’ innovativeness through the promotion and development of scientific knowledge and technology, creativity valorization and as an instrumental support to industrial policies implementation. The universe of CITEVE currently comprises several competences, whose common elements are the mindset of service to companies and the technological nature.

Laboratorial Testing, Technology and Engineering, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Training and Coaching, Product Certification and Design & Fashion Intelligence are CITEVE’s main areas of activity. CITEVE has its headquarters in Vila Nova de Famalicão and representations in Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Tunisia and Pakistan. Justifying the presence of CITEVE in the market, credibility, competence and creativity are essential values of a dynamic, young team ready to evolve with new challenges.


Multilayer Structures to Multifunctional Finishing for Internal Walls The aim of this project is to develop an innovative insulation product for application in the interior of buildings.

The product will be based on technical textile structures, resulting from the combination of several textile and non-textile material, and also is to be used in demanding rebuilding/restoration operations in the interior building spaces. Wall-it project will promote a greater knowledge in the fields of functional and technical textiles, for a construction dominion.

Additionally, enhances the competitive advantages of industrial activity and capacity for innovation related to the textile industry in Portugal. The products to be developed shall overcome known disadvantages of commercial products such as density, thickness, thermal and acoustic insulation efficiency, ease application, moisture management, flame retardancy and shall furthermore promote additional properties such as easy cleaning and air contamination.