In 13 years of existence, Competinov has directed its strategy and mission to provide value added services in the context of innovation, intelligence, information management systems and knowledge for decision making, cooperative systems and co-innovation, specialized technical consultancy, among others.

Competinov provides information and knowledge about business opportunities and innovation (technological or social), structured to organizations or individuals. Throughout its activity it has developed tools and skills for managing, protecting and providing information and critical mass in network as well as intangible assets that increase productivity of knowledge and innovation.

Competinov also provides methodologies and concrete ways that enable companies to join Portuguese, in a sustained manner, to the Information Society and Knowledge.

To strengthen this dimension, throughout its activity Competinov has established partnerships with institutions from different branches, from which were generated positive synergies, both in terms of economic development and social ranks and national and international business networks, also in terms of cooperation and generating proposals for innovation and value added network.