Designarte® – Brand Activation was born in 2000 to help companies communicate effectively with their audiences and build powerful and consistent Brands.

Designarte® services

ACTIVE DESIGN – Design Projects (ex: naming/branding, corporate identity/ logos, brochures, catalogs, newsletters, communication strategies, ad campaigns, packaging, stands, merchandising, etc…) ·

ACTIVE WEB – Web Projects (ex: websites, animated catalogs, institutional, promotional and viral videos, multimedia presentations, social nets communication, etc…)

Other complementary services are managed by strategic partners highly specialized, with whom Designarte® built a trusting relationship over time, which warranties a valued global service for Designarte®´s clients in terms of quality, price and effective communication startegy (ex: graphic and digital printing, Web applications, web marketing, publicity, direct marketing, just to name a few).

Designarte®´s services are based on operative procedures, which warranties a high level of quality and a solid and good image in the marketplace. Designarte® is strongly oriented for its clients, always being available and flexible, and believing in integrated and personalised services. These are values we want to communicate that reinforce our focus on clients.