Diera is a 100% Portuguese company founded in 1967, focused initially on production of paints and varnishes for the construction and furniture industry.

A decade later, extended its breadth with the creation of an industrial plant for the manufacture of cement mortars and, later, with the creation of another production plant for the manufacture of mortar joints. In the last decade, extended the range of products for the segment of technical mortars, and strengthened the research and development of new products, including the system Diera Cork Therm, thermal insulation with cork flooring. Specialist in the production of varnishes, Diera produces for major national manufacturers of wooden floors and Cork, and exports directly or indirectly for more than 20 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and America. In the field of adhesives and construction mortars is currently one of the most important Portuguese companies.


Thermal insulation with cork coating The great advantage of the thermal insulation from the exterior (ETICS) lies in eliminating thermal bridges, i.e. provides a full isolation of the building that prevents the gain or loss of energy through structural elements. This method consists of placing a thermal insulation material on the outer surface of a wall in plaster or concrete, and can be used practically in all kinds of construction, new or old, industrial, commercial or residential.

This method allows a substantial improvement of thermal comfort during winter, by increasing useful solar gains, and also during the summer, due to the ability to regulate indoor temperature, resulting in savings of energy that comes from the reduction of heating and cooling needs of indoor environments.

Thus, allied to the strand of comfort, the exterior thermal insulation has the ability to reduce costs associated with renewable energy and the reduction of emissions of polluting materials, becoming a major ecological solution for the architecture and sustainable construction. Traditionally, the more common material for thermal insulators used in coating the walls consist of extruded or expanded polystyrene boards.

The Diera Cork Therm system elevates the concept of sustainable ecological solution to a new level, using cork boards, a renewable raw material, 100% natural, fully recyclable, with optimum behavior in situations of high thermal amplitude, providing an excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.