Enancer Electrónica, Lda

Enancer Electrónica is the owner of the ONLY Smart Home brand and part of the Fehst Group. It was constituted to develop, produce and commercialize innovative products and vanguard technological solutions in the field of home automation and automation.

ONLY integrates automation applications (lighting, blinds and other devices), air conditioning, surround sound and safety in the same system. It allows the configuration of scenarios in a simple way, by the user, and remote control over the internet, with total security and privacy.

The company has been in the market since 2008 and pioneered in the design and introduction of tactile actuation panels for home automation applications. The ONLY Smart Home home automation has already been adopted by iconic hotels in Portugal, such as Tryp Lisboa Airport, CS Vintage Lisboa, Yeatman Hotel Porto, Meliã Braga, HF Fénix, among many others, and is present in villas in Europe, Asia and Africa.