The Algarve Energy Park initiative is designed to meet the needs of tomorrow’s world by addressing today’s global challenges. The Algarve Energy Park is an innovative project at national and European level, focused on developing specialized renewable energy production as well savings solutions by creating a nucleus platform for the advanced training, research and development of energy technologies and solutions.

The Algarve Energy Park aims to complete the solutions circuit by integrally launching product demonstration, communication and commercialization from this platform. This is the first stage of the Algarve Energy Park initiative. The roll out of the Solar Demo Platforms is planned for the Eastern Algarve as well as Alentejo regions.

The Solar Demo Platforms will enable a range of activities associated with the monitoring, development, commercialization and communication of several cutting edge concentrated solar technologies. The Center for Sustainable Energy is planned as the second stage of the Algarve Energy Park development and construction in Monchique.

The Center for Sustainable Energy will include integrated solar design, energy efficiency technology integration solutions, and the implementation of a professional training center for the renewable energy and sustainable construction sectors. The Energy Efficiency practice of the Algarve Energy Park has organically evolved out of our activities in the renewable energy field.

The energy savings solutions for commercial clients will be rolled out by our team in collaboration with our partners.