Farpedra - Exploração De Pedreiras, Lda

FARPEDRA is a company with more than five decades of activity dedicated to the extraction of ornamental limestones in Serra d'Aires and Candeeiros. Currently, Farpedra has four own quarries, with an annual production of about 20,000 m3 of raw material. The quality of its natural stones of Moleanos, Ataíja, Moca-Creme and Salgueira is recognized in the national and international market, where it exports more than 80% of their production.

The transformation of the blocks into plates, tiles and other products is carried out in their facilities recently equipped with the latest technology machines, which guarantee a final product with a high-quality standard. Its limestones can be applied to coatings, facades, floors and other applications, in the most adverse environments, guaranteed by its physical-mechanical properties.

FARPEDRA is a leading company in the ornamental stone sector in Portugal and prepares its future with sustainability concerns, with a firm commitment of environmental, economic and social awareness to its employees and the surrounding community.

PRODUCTS: Blocks, Tiles and plates with various finishes (flamed, sanded, softened, polished, scaled, scratched and "bojardada") and Urban Furniture.