FEUP - Faculdade Engenharia Universidade Porto

Faced with the advancement of scientific and technological knowledge in Portugal, it is possible to explore new opportunities, particularly to what is referred as the knowledge transfer, entrepreneurship, innovation and applied research, in order to increase the impact of R&D on the national economy. In consonance with a strategic policy, in which R&D&E activities are of central importance, FEUP has played a very important role in the sustained development of emerging R&D areas and in the consolidation of the scientific excellence in various fields, scientific and technological.

Structures of R&D and Innovation

The R&D and Innovation structures are made up of Research and Development Centers, Interface Institutes and Competence Centers that foster the creation of knowledge and innovation in FEUP. Also favourable to the innovation process at FEUP, is its location at the Asprela Campus, where the Technological Pole of the Science and Technology Park of the University of Porto (UPTEC) is located.

Synergies between the academic and business worlds are promoted here: companies such as CIN, Sonae Indústria and Efacec invest in laboratories where innovative ideas are developed, with a clear advantage for both parties. The new Innovation Center of UPTEC, whose building is located on the FEUP campus, reinforces the connection with national and international companies focused on the mass production of technologies directed to the market.

 - Research and Development Centers

 - Interface Institutes

 - Competence Centers