Grestel - Produtos Cerâmicos, S.A.


Founded in 1998, Grestel is dedicated to the production of tableware, oven and serving accessories in fine stoneware, in an original concept of quality, durability and exclusive design, using the best natural resources in Portugal and the latest technologies, in a high temperature exclusive formula. Its products in fine, glazed, and high-quality stoneware are positioned in a medium/high segment in both the domestic and professional markets (hotels and restaurants).


The company develops its activity in two major business areas – Private Label, producing “tailor-made”, and Own Brands, with emphasis on COSTA NOVA and Casafina, exporting to more than 60 countries. Grestel has a motivated and qualified team, generating value, currently with more than 700 workers and three industrial units.


People first

Manufacturing fine stoneware products in a socially responsible environment is a vital condition for GRESTEL. 

The concern for social balance is one of the qualities that has accompanied its activity since the beginning, and which extends to the relationship with employees, community, and business partners. GRESTEL's Social Responsibility is part of a transversal action plan, designed with the clear purpose of contributing to the development of the community and its employees. 


Environmental Commitment - Sustainable Ceramics

With the increasing demand for sustainable growth, GRESTEL has made this a priority. The effort to go green and to reduce the ecological footprint on the environment is (and will always be) a constantly evolving mission. It is no small task – yet for Grestel, it is one of the most important.

Grestel is committed daily to protect the environment, by improving its infrastructures, but also the manufacturing process, achieving greater efficiency.

This is materialized in two main pillars:


Sustainable PRODUCT

- The products are eco-friendly, reusable and recyclable;

The use of local natural resources minimizes Grestel’s ecological footprint;

Single-fired production that saves energy and reduces emissions into the atmosphere;

- Special projects such as ECO-GRÉS® highlight the constant focus on the development of products that are eco-friendly;

Reused heat from the kilns to other equipment.


Sustainable INDUSTRY

- Industrial facilities that are environmentally-friendly;

Innovative and energy-efficient equipment;

- Renewable energy (photovoltaic);

- Waste management policies and recycling procedures;

- Advanced water treatment and reduction of water consumption practices;

- Recycled and recyclable packaging;

- New synergies with other entities – ceramics surplus are now considered by-products, and they are reintroduced into the production process.


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