Gyptec Ibérica – Gessos Técnicos, S.A.

Gyptec Ibérica, a Portuguese company part of the Preceram Group, has been engaged in the production of plasterboards, using clean and environmentally sustainable methods, since 2009. With a production capacity of 15 million m2/year, Gyptec makes use of the Preceram Group’s broad knowledge of the building industry and finest technology, adapting it to the reality and needs of the international market.

It offers a complete range of solutions that ensure high acoustic and thermal performance, impact, moisture and fire resistance, also providing all the necessary accessories for dry construction. The Gyptec Ibérica drywall systems are the ideal solution for new buildings, as well as for reconstruction and refurbishment projects.

They are made of a non-combustible, fire and impact resistant material, free of unsafe emissions and substances. The Gyptec Ibérica gypsum boards allow all types of finishes, ensuring a perfect finish without cracks or deformations.The company pursues sustainability at all levels, economic, environmental and productive.

With the use of materials such as recycled paper and FGD gypsum, a by-product from thermal power plants in Portugal, Gyptec Ibérica avoids the mining of gypsum and the cutting of trees, contributing to the preservation of natural resources end environment. In the production process, natural gas is used, as well as renewable energy sources, such as solar energy. At the same time it can maximize the energy consumed, producing electricity in a cogeneration system.

The Gyptec Ibérica plasterboards are certified and internationally recognized for its quality.

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