Iberfibran - Poliestireno Extrudido, S.A.





FIBRAN is represented in Portugal by Iberfibran, Poliestireno Extrudido, SA, founded in 2000, is the arm of the FIBRAN, SA group for the Iberian Peninsula. Iberfibran is also a pioneer in Portugal in the production of rigid foam boards made of Extruded Polystyrene (XPS), a high quality and performance thermal insulation material.
Iberfibran is an agile and flexible company, which strives for excellence in materials and products, operating in the B2B - Business to Business - distribution channel, with the Iberian Peninsula as its main market.
Although the construction market as is core-business, Iberfibran's solutions go further and with possible applications in the most varied industries.
Within the construction market, our products help to achieve excellence in flat and sloped roofs, exterior walls, interior insulation, floors, unheated spaces and solutions for ETICS.
Fibranxps produced by Iberfibran helps to create more efficient buildings, with greater durability and less energy consumption.
Headquartered in Ovar, Iberfibran is a specialist in the production of rigid sheets of Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) foam in a turquoise color, trademark FIBRANxps.

Eco compatibility

The Fibran group works tirelessly to develop sustainable products, without any impact on the environment and the greenhouse effect, free from hydrofluorocarbons. XPS Fibran is EN ISO 14001 environmental certified and represents a true “zero impact” footprint. Furthermore, all FIBRAN products and solutions aim to achieve total energy efficiency in public and private buildings, in civil and industrial applications.

Quality and durability 

The use of low quality components or materials in public and private construction may be more affordable in the immediate term, but it will quickly become a bad investment in the medium / long term. FIBRAN products have quality certifications and compliance with the most rigorous national and international tests.  And, for this reason, FIBRANxps is the thermal insulation chosen for the construction of schools, hospitals, shopping centers and other prestigious projects.