IDS - Instituto de Desenvolvimento Social

The Social Development Institute/IDS is a Portuguese institution, juridical and legally established in 1997, with management under the supervision of the Ministry of Employment and Social Solidarity of Portugal through the Directorate General for Social Action (Registration Nr. 49/99) and recognized by law as a legal person of public utility since 12/04/1999, Law- Decree 119/83 and Law-Decree 402/85 and Regulation Ordinance approved by Governmental Order Nr. 778/83.

The Social Development Institute/IDS is a non-profit institution, which serves the whole territory in order to take initiatives in the field of local development, promotion of entrepreneurship, SME competitiveness environment, equal opportunities, economic and social innovation and citizenship (in urban and rural areas) based upon the principles of sustainability, an integrated approach, diversification and coordination.

Social Development Institute/IDS is a place where planners, architects, developers, engineers, investors, etc. engage with public authorities and companies, with researchers and community, economic, environmental, social and spatial stakeholders to jointly create strategies for sustainable urbanity, connecting all issues critical to the integrated development of the territories.