IHRU - Instituto da Habitação e da Reabilitação

The IHRU, the Housing and Urban Rehabilitation Institute IP, derives from the re denomination of the former National Housing Institute (INH), integrating the Institute of Management and Disposal of State Housing (IGAPHE) and part of the Directorate-General of National Monuments and Buildings (DGEMN).

The IHRU, IP mission is to ensure the implementation of the policy set by the Government for the areas of housing and urban regenaration, in coordination with the cities policy and other social policies and safeguard and enhance heritage, ensuring the buildings history and their evolution.

The IHRU has several activities areas linked to sustainability in the areas of rehabilitation of buildings and urban revitalization, namely:

 - management of specific programmes and activities;

 - supporting and enhancing rehabilitation actions;

 - providing reimbursement and loans to finance actions and programs;

 - monitoring the implementation of projects financially supported by the government.

The Institute awards an annual prize (Prémio IHRU) for both construction and rehabilitation variants. The Contest Regulations includes Environment and Sustainability factors and can be assigned the designation “Reference Project”, to which materializes good environmental practices and sustainability. Since 2008, the IHRU is part of the “Green Project Awards” jury that wants to distinguish the best projects, services and products that make more efficient use of energy and other resources and contribute to the diversification of energy sources, in response to the sustainability challenge.