Inovadomus - Ass. para o Desenvolvimento da Casa do Futuro

InovaDomus is a network of thematic cooperation with a horizontal and trans-sectorial dimension in the field of habitat which, together with its Associates, has developed work in favor of the project, construction, equipment and equipping of the dwellings of the future.

Created at the end of 2002, with the designation AveiroDomus, InovaDomus is a non-profit association.

Its creation was due to the high industrial and business potential in the habitat sector and the need for companies to anticipate market trends and to have diversified and innovative offerings, with the greatest competitive advantage.

The InovaDomus Association is based in Aveiro and currently has 11 Associates (10 companies in the habitat sector - EEE, Efapel, Extrusal, Iberfibran, OLI, Pavicentro, RedeRia, Revigrés, Somague and Weber - and the University of Aveiro).