The IPA – Inovação e Projectos em Ambiente, Lda., is a Portuguese enterprise in the field of environmental consulting and engineering company.

IPA is based in Estoril, formed in 1990 focused on studies of environmental impacts, environmental management and environmental projects. Since 2000 the company has been consolidating its operations in the field of sustainability, particularly through the company’s connection to the LiderA System – Portuguese Sustainability Assessment System Since the begin have done hundreds studies and projects mainly for Portuguese market and few at international level (near ten).

The works are characterized by performing complex tasks, which focus on innovative demand environment and contribute to customer value base in sustainable approach.Studies of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and strategic studies centered on a proactive approach to create value for the environment.

Covers the projects or plans to examine what is critical point, immediately proposing environmental solutions and redesign projects if needed.