Irmãos Silvas, SA

Founded in 1971, Metalogalva - Irmãos Silvas, S.A. is the oldest company of the Metalcon Group. This company has three industrial units that occupy a total area of 44,000m², in a total gross area of 160000m², with more than 400 employees.
Metalogalva develops its activity in the design and manufacture of metal structures, being able to carry out prototype tests, at the assembly level and/or structural strength. The products developed have application in various fields of activity, namely energy, telecommunications, road and railways, and are normally subjected to a hot dip galvanizing anticorrosive protection, with the possibility of complementary painting (duplex system). As a complement to its product offering, the company offers a range of services to its customers, namely sheet cutting, bending, welding and hot dip galvanizing.