ISEC - Instituto Superior Engenharia Coimbra

As a dynamic engineering institute committed to continuous and constant improvement of its services, Coimbra Institute of Engineering is determined to create an atmosphere that will be more than just a learning experience for its students.

Its major concerns are to encourage and inspire students to develop their research and creative skills, as well as to cultivate critically-minded and professionally motivated individuals.

Given these goals, the Institute therefore focuses on providing high-quality education that combines a strong practical component with a solid theoretical background. Furthermore and likewise, it is our prime concern that our degrees and content material taught throughout the courses meet the requirements and needs of the work environment and the new realities of today’s world.

Coimbra Institute of Engineering includes the following departments:

Biological And Chemical Engineering (DEQB);

Civil Engineering (DEC);

Computer Science and Systems Engineering (DEIS);

Electrotechnics Engineering (DEE);

Mathematics and Physics (DFM)

Mechanical Engineering (DEM).

Each department offers undergraduate and graduate degrees covering a wide and diverse range of engineering fields, thereby creating stronger ties and broadening opportunities of interaction with the professional community. As a result, our graduates have been highly successful and many have taken on positions of great value and importance in different activity sectors. I invite you to join us.

 The mission of the Coimbra Institute of Engineering as an educational centre is: To advance and extend knowledge and learning of culture, science and technology; To provide preparation for professional and occupational careers within the engineering fields; To promote and contribute to the development of its community.

To accomplish its mission, the Coimbra Institute of Engineering has chosen to pursue the following guidelines: To strengthen its academic reputation in the labour market and in the community in general; To improve the preparation of well trained graduates; To invest in quality in order to ensure highly successful qualified engineers capable of facing challenges within their professional career; To offer Research and Development services and activities.