IST - Instituto Superior Técnico

Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) is the largest and most reputed school of engineering, science and technology in Portugal, with long tradition in teaching, and excellence in research, innovation and training activities.

Since its creation in 1911, IST’s mission is to contribute for the development of the science, economy and society by promoting a higher degree of education in the areas of Science, Engineering and Technology at the undergraduate and graduate levels and by delivering highly qualified professionals in the public and private sector, strengthening the National and European R&D effort.

IST consists of eight departments that are responsible for teaching Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programmes. Today IST has about 8500 undergraduate students and over 1500 graduate students in different areas of studies.

IST includes over 700 Professors with Ph.D. in different areas of specialization. IST is involved in some of the most prestigious RD&I and technology transfer institutions in Portugal, with remarkable impact internationally at many scientific and technological domains. The scientific activities are developed in research institutes, some of them of excellence, in which working groups develop research in specific subjects within its scientific area.