Kentra Technologies, Lda

Kentra's R&D has been dedicated to devising solutions in the social field, informal care, home support, health and well-being. With this process, Kentra embraces a new future, in contrast to what, to this day, has been its traditional positioning.

In line with the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO), and the fruit of Covid-19, which we are all still living, anticipating the inevitable transformation of the Assistant model, the model of health care and wellness, from the Informal Caregiver Framework, Kentra aims to be at the front line of the design and redesign of new Health Spaces, new Care Spaces, Safer and more Sustainable. Kentra's participation in the Sustainable Habitat Cluster will allow you to develop partnerships with the main players in the construction and design sector, contributing to the idealization of the managed environments, both urban management and care spaces, traditional and home, complementing their Current offer that connects Health Management to Informal and Home Care (Social)".