Leca Portugal, S.A.

Leca Portugal, S.A. is a Saint Gobain group company with headquarters in Portugal that produces expanded clay of the Leca® brand.
The production of light aggregates of expanded clay began in Portugal in 1970 under the brand name Leca®, owned by the Danish company Leca Tentor. After an interregnum between 1985 and 1990, the production was again resumed under the direction of the Norwegian group Aker Exclay. After a visit to the Maxit Group, Leca® has joined the Saint-Gobain Group since 2008 and is currently integrated in the Products for Construction Industrial Pole (PPC).
In Portugal, the company has a production plant in Avelar, in the municipality of Ansião, in the district of Leiria, and is part of a business unit of the group, whose activity is focused on the production and commercialization of expanded clay and precast concrete elements through Europe, namely: Germany, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Poland and Sweden. In addition to the Portuguese market, Leca®Portugal also supplies the Spanish, British and French markets.