LGS Consultoria

LGS was created in 2015 to make specialised consulting available to the energy and energy efficiency industries, since then they have gained authority in different areas. Standing out amongst those are specialised consulting to businesses and institutions; the design and sizing of renewable energy solutions, with a special focus on solar energy; and simulation of light systems for public spaces and large pieces of equipment.

Recently, sustainable construction has become a part of what the company offers. LGS is working on developing innovative solutions to create whole buildings using resources and materials available in the local area, always respecting the core principles of bioclimatic architecture and securing the smart use of energy without compromising the comfort and living conditions of those spaces.

When it comes to solar energy, LGS has offered their services both in Portugal and Brazil since its foundation, having done various executive projects including the installation of solar power plants of distributed energy, and at the moment they have more of 9 MW installed and working.

Based in Beja, in the Baixo Alentejo region of Portugal, LGS is working on pushing forward the promise they made in their foundation: to develop their trade from their small town and reach and intervene in a wider market, as long as it’s within their capabilities.

Services offered include:

         - Energy consulting;

         - Solar energy systems;

         - Lighting systems;

         - Sustainable construction solutions.