Manufaturas de Cimento MACEL, Lda

Macel emerged on the flooring market in 1961 from the joint efforts of its founders. Due to the demand for hydraulic pavements, Macel, as a pioneer, commissioned seven 20x20 manual presses for the production of mosaic with different standards.

Subsequently, given the offer and demand, Macel ordered another press that already manufactured 60 m2 per day. Macel began its activity always looking for the use of high quality raw materials, dedicating itself to the manufacture of hydraulic floors based on smooth polished marble and anti-slip tiles.



Due to the commitment to quality differentiation of the products, Macel decided to start a process of remodeling its industrial park in 1995, becoming the first company in Portugal to calibrate hydraulic floors. Today Macel produces a wide range of flooring and also materials for swimming pools, stairs and the more.

Macel is based in Aguada de Cima - Águeda and has covered a area of 9462 m2 and discovered of 16000 m2 which includes the exhibition area where the different textures, colors and sizes of the floors are combined. In January 2003 it started the production at Macel's 2nd factory.