Manvia, SA

Manvia was founded in 1998, as a private limited company, with the main objective of developing the infrastructure maintenance business in Portugal. In 2000, was integrated into Mota-Engil Group, becoming a public limited company in 2005.


Its operation scope was extended to buildings maintenance, environment, industry and energy, being the only company in Portuguese market with a its core business exclusively dedicated to the maintenance activity.

In 2007, Health Maintenance Area was created, being Castelo Branco District Hospital its first unit.

Through the acquisition of Almaque in 2009 another business area was created: grinding bodies maintenance with an exclusive method, that has an international patent. This business area alone is present in several European countries: Spain, France, Poland, Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium, Norway, Luxembourg, Estonia, Latvia, Sweden and Republic of Ireland.

In 2010, the partnership established with Ludwig Pfeiffer in 2002, materialized in the creation of Manvia Condutas, a leading company in the national market, working on water and sewage networks with a No Dig process.

Manvia Spain was established in 2015, based in Gijón, dedicated to the manufacture of process analyser systems in the chemical, petrochemical, oil & gas and energy industries. It also has a dedicated are to wind farms and wind turbine operation and maintenance.

The company currently has more than 600 specialists in various maintenance areas, having a special focus on Asset and Facility Management.

As a member of the Sustainable Habitat Cluster, they aim to provide a perspective of the whole building life cycle, that is, from planning to operation and maintenance, given that the sustainability of a building is essential throughout its assets entire life cycle.