Matéria Modular

Matéria Modular, with its headquarters in Porto since its foundation in 1999, is a company that provides multidisciplinary services related to architecture, which is its main activity.

The already existing multidisciplinary is a strong characteristic of our company. In order to enable a close relationship with our clients, the company has set itself this long-term goal since its beginning. By achieving global solutions through the exchange of knowledge, we are able to agglutinate and conciliate the generative principles of each area in unified documents, which means we guarantee the compatibility between the provided information of different documents that are part of the projects. Nowadays, the demand for a higher level service is increasing. This characteristic applies to all sectors, particularly visible in civil and public construction.

The new methodologies for construction have generated more competitive and effective projects by reducing the costs of construction (through the utilization of simplified methods) and maintenance (through the satisfaction of the necessary requirements for performance). The I&D experience of our company reflects itself in the delivery of services based on technical knowledge of new technologies for construction associated to the satisfaction of their requirement for performance. During these years of devoted work, Matéria Modular was fortunately able to reach a position, which allows us to look at the future with optimism. 

he national and international recognition of our high-quality services indicates that serious and self-demanding work is always compensated and valued. The satisfaction of the actual promoters, the recognition of the intervening entities during the construction of our projects, as well as of the managers, supervision teams, technical direction, subcontractors, and the recognition of the national and international publications are the main positive reflections about the work developed by our company. This brief summary of our company has to proudly outline the initiative “Solidarity for Architecture”, an ambitious strategy of Corporate Social Responsibility (RSE), already in track.