Modiko, Lda.

Téketo Modular, Lda is dedicated to modular steel construction using the Modiko® Construction System.

The Teketo Modular, Lda is part of Metalusa Group and has made good use of synergies resulting from several existing metal mechanic assets in order to develop a innovative and technologically evolved housing concept – Modiko®, your dream home.

All modular construction elements are transported and assembled in the working site. Téketo offers turnkey solutions with high quality standard, assuming full responsibility in executing the project from licensing to delivery of the completed project.Téketo head office is located in Aradas – Aveiro city, where the company central departments work while the operational areas are located in Ermesinde, Aveiro and Alverca. Overseas, the company develops its activity in Spain, France, Angola, Mozambique and Algeria.

The company operates in two areas of activity:

 - "New construction", where it offers a set of standard models that can be adjusted to the homeowner individual needs. There is also possibility to develop a solution in terms of architect design by the client taste or even a solution given by the company architects.

 - In the "reconstruction of buildings", especially in urban areas, with more complicated interventions.

The types of bindings and profiles used in the construction system Modiko® allow support of facades as a result of mounting within the building structure. In metallic structure, the walls are then applied Modiko System® that give the building a high performance thermal and acoustic.