MRG – Equipav, Engenharia e Construção S.A. , is a MRG Group’s subholding that in the beginning it started to be an equipment management company for MRG’s works with its installations in Seia. In 2010 it was decided that MRG Equipav would be reformulated by adding human and technical resources to it in order to develop its works in the construction sector.
It has been established a solid organization with all the skills to face the market.
From this business reformulation MRG Equipav is percussing its path.
Equipav’s main activity is oriented to small/medium dimension works of local and regional nature. Its market attitude is also different giving special attention to a client custom accompaniment and demonstrating a great agility and versatility on the processes resolution methods.
It distinguishes itself for its flexibility, energy and dynamic on the works that accomplishes.
MRG Equipav shares MRG’S accuracy and construction experience that through its history is percussed by emblematic and successful works.
The company is building its own path with a personal touch. Its commitment, strength and acquired experience foresee a future with a lot of work.

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