Nanopaint, Lda

Nanopaint is a Portuguese technology-based company, founded in 2016, that develops and commercializes unique and innovative electroactive inks which enable the production of printed and flexible sensors through different printing technologies. By delivering innovative solutions, such as electroactive and functional inks, new applications can be built to improve performance in many markets, such as biomedical applications, electronic devices, automotive, aerospace, energy, and environment.

The team has an extensive know-how in electroactive polymers, polymeric compounds and synthesis of nanoparticles, which contributes to the development of high-performance functional and conductive inks. Nanopaint also provides customized printed sensors and electronic development, according to the customer project requirements. To allow everyone design and build their own technology, is Nanopaint's vision. To achieve it, their mission is to provide technological inks that improves productivity, profitability, and results for our customers.

At Nanopaint, they are continuously improving and developing new products to fulfil the market demand. They offer a full range of highly reliable inks, sensors and solutions to deliver added value to our customers and the low cost, flexible technology and high-speed production are the strengths of their products.