Ordem dos Engenheiros

The Order of Engineers, created in 1936, has the fundamental aim of contributing to the progress of engineering, stimulating the efforts of its members in the technical, scientific, professional and social fields, as well as striving to comply with the rules of professional ethics. 

As a representative public association of engineers, it is the responsibility of the Order to carry out a number of tasks, including support for the personal and social development of these professionals, promoting the title and profession of engineer, as well as cooperation and solidarity among its members, in the defense of a prestigious Order of Engineers and of an engineering of great quality, exigency and rigor.

We are convinced that we are defending the interests of the country in the face of the demands of an ever more competitive and ever changing world, where the focus must be on the permanent stimulus to demanding academic training, namely in a profession of public trust , where the well-being and security of people and goods are their fundamental goals.

With this purpose we will maintain a permanent vigilance in the preservation of the professional dignity, reacting to all the attempts and actions that constitute the reduction of the status of Engineer.

The programmatic lines are structured in the following strategic orientations: representation and defense of the interests of engineers, ethics and deontology; statutory and regulatory changes; professional qualification of engineers; strengthening relations with the Engineering Higher Schools; support to the internationalization of Portuguese Engineering; promotion and dissemination of Engineering in society.

We consider fundamental the cohesion, the strategic alignment and the articulated action between the national and regional organs, with scrupulous respect for the delimitation of attributions and competences defined by its organs. We highly value the national implementation of the Order, in the understanding that all engineers, regardless of their geographic location, owe the same level of good service and professional defense.