Perfisa – Fábrica de Perfis Metálicos S.A.

Main activity: Design, production and marketing of metal profiles and accessories for dry construction systems.

Secondary Activity: Commercialization of plaster products, tools and accessories for construction. Development and commercialization of integrated solutions for systems in Light Steel Framing.

Main Products / Sustainable Services: Over 25 years of activity, Perfisa has developed extensive know-how on producing and marketing metal profiles and fittings for partitions and suspended ceilings applied in various dry construction systems.

In 2003, Perfisa embraced a new challenge: to be the first national manufacturer of cold-formed structural sections for the Light Steel Framing system.

More recently, Perfisa coordinated a project developed in the context of open innovation whose end result culminated in the development of the ISOLPRO® panel: an innovative lightweight cement composite panel and several other naturally sourced materials as an alternative to traditional masonry or brick construction . Designed for both structural and non-structural purposes, ISOLPRO® panels are a European Compliant (CE) product that have a high fire performance, laboratory proven with two and a half hours light steel framing (LSF) wall solutions at a temperature of 1000 ºC, without significant increase inside the house, being resistant to impacts and abrasions without neglecting the necessary thermal-acoustic insulation.