RAIZ - Instituto de Investigação da Floresta e Papel

RAIZ is a private non-profit research institute whose partners are the Portucel Soporcel group and the Universities of Aveiro, Coimbra and Lisboa.

RAIZ is committed to support the competitiveness of the Portuguese Pulp and Paper Industry, through research, technology transfer and training. RAIZ was officially formed in September 1995 and initiated its activity in January 1996.

Its scope of action goes from tree to paper. Its mission results from the recurring need of the industry to identify priority areas for applied research, and optimize the cost/benefit ratio of different aspects of the forestry and industrial sectors, in order to assure its sustainability.

RAIZ activities are financed by partner companies in a perspective of transforming knowledge in technology, in order to increase forest productivity, improve pulp quality (reducing production costs and improving paper quality) and implementing sustainable forest management practices.

RAIZ operates in three areas: Applied Research, Consultancy and Training. Applied research includes Pulp & Paper Technology and Forestry. Both are developed in intimate contact with industry and implemented in the form of projects with clear objectives.

Each project has a manager, responsible for its implementation and coordination. All projects are submitted for approval to the funding partners and the Scientific Council of RAIZ.

Consultancy exists not only for RAIZ partners but also for any other interested entities in the forestry and technological areas. In terms of training, RAIZ helps to put together resources that contribute to the formation of specialized professionals in all relevant areas of eucalyptus forestry and technological activities.

RAIZ board includes representatives of the industrial and forestry partners, and has a major role in the definition of the objectives of RAIZ activity. The close connection with company professionals and national (e.g. Universities of Aveiro, Coimbra, Beira Interior, Porto, Minho, Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro and Instituto Superior de Agronomia) and international institutions (Europe, America and Australia), place RAIZ in a privileged position to successfully accomplish its mission. RAIZ yearly budget is around 3,5 million Euro and counts with around 55 collaborators.

RAIZ is located at Quinta de S. Francisco (9 km from Aveiro). The 2600 m2 of buildings include central administration, office, laboratory, pilot plant, documentation, training, social and welcoming areas.The research nursery, the seed orchards and the molecular markers laboratory are located at Herdade de Espirra, 60 Km away from Lisbon.