Resmonuh- Restauro e Conservação, Unipessoal Lda

Resmonuh is a subsidiary of France-based ECP (entreprise pour la conservation du patrimoine).

Resmonuh develops conservation and restoration techniques for the built and cultural heritage such as:

- Pathology analysis and previous studies;
- Advice on the choice of technical solutions respecting the construction and rules of the profession;
- Start of the work and intervention, if requested, during the course of work to advise on the application of the techniques.

Thus proposes:

- Aerial lime based mortars to build, coat, decorate or restore (Altar, Ornatis, Décorlith).

- Solutions for cleaning all types of stone in total safety for the substrate, user and environment, solutions without water, dust or noise.

- Treatment of protection and preservation of inorganic materials.

- Ecological isolation from natural products like hemp and lime.

- Restoration Lasers.