Secil, SA

Secil, Companhia Geral de Cal e Cimento was established in 1930 in order to acquire and operate a cement factory in Outão, Setúbal.

Currently, Secil operates three cement factories in Portugal – Secil-Outão, Maceira-Liz and Cibra-Pataias – and is also present in Lebanon, Tunisia, Angola, Brazil and Cape Verde.

The prime location of the Secil-Outão factory makes it one of the main producers of cement in the country, producing various types of grey cement. The Maceira-Liz factory was opened in 1923, and was the first in Portugal to produce Portland cement and to introduce on the market the “Liz” cement brand.

White cement is an exclusive of the Cibra-Pataias factory, which is the only one producing it in Portugal. Besides producing cement, Secil includes a series of companies operating in complementary business areas. Cement is vital to the safety, comfort and heritage of our people.